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National Equestrian Center-Lake St. Louis, Mo.
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9:00 am
March 24 April 29 ENTRY FEES-$5.00 per class-ARENA FEE-$5.00 per horse
  Halter Classes will close for sign-up at 9:50
1 STOCK Type Mare/Gelding & Pony Model Halter –Mares, Geldings & ponies will be judged separately
2 NON-STOCK Type Mare, Gelding & Pony-Mares, Gelding & ponies will be judged separate
3 LEADLINE-riders 10 yrs. & under-Rider cannot enter into any other class
4 BEGINNER WALK-11 yrs. & under-pony or horse-RIDER CAN ENTER INTO CLASS#11, Plus see note below
5 SENIOR ENGLISH-Walk/Trot-18 yrs, & older
6 SENIOR ENGLISH Pleasure-Walk/Trot/Canter
18 yr. & older
7 OPEN GAITED Breed Country Pleasure-Walk & Favorite Gait-Western or English
8 YOUTH ENGLISH -Walk/Trot-17 yrs. & under
9 YOUTH ENGLISH Pleasure-Walk/Trot/Canter-17 yrs. & under-no ponies under 52”
10 OPEN GAITED 2 Gait Pleasure –Walk & Favorite gait-Western or English
11 BEGINNER WALK/TROT-11 yrs. & under-pony or horse-RIDER CAN ENTER INTO CLASS #4, plus see not below
12 OPEN LIGHT SHOD GAITED Pleasure- Walk & Favorite Gait-Western or English
13 YOUTH WESTERN -Walk/Trot-17 yrs. & under
horse or pony
14 YOUTH WESTERN Pleasure-Walk/Trot/Lope-17 yrs. & under-no ponies under 52”
15 OPEN GAITED Breed fun speed Class-Running walk-& Racking gait-Western or English
16 JUNIOR HORSE-Walk/Trot-horse 4 yrs. & under-Western or English
17 SENIOR HORSE-Walk/Trot/lope/Canter-horse 5 yrs. & older-Western or English-no ponies under 52”  
18 SENIOR RANCH-Walk/Trot-riders 18 yrs. & older-Western or English-    (see description @ desk)
19 SENIOR RANCH RIDING-Walk/ Trot/Lope/Canter- riders 18 yrs. & over-Western or English   (see class description @ office)
20 SENIOR WESTERN Walk /Trot/-riders 18 yrs. & older
21 SENIOR WESTERN Pleasure-Walk/Trot/Lope-riders 18 yrs. & older
22 YOUTH RANCH-Walk/Trot- riders 17 yr. & under-Western or English    (see class description at office)
23 YOUTH RANCH RIDING-Walk/Trot/Lope/Canter-riders 17 yrs. & under-Western or English (no ponies under 52”)
24 VERSATILITY FUN Class-ALL AGES-Western or English-different class @ each show-see description @ desk
25 TRAINING POLES-may run 2 times only per horse-$5.00 per run-no ribbons
26 YOUTH POLES-17 yrs. & under (no leading in this class) 
27 ADULTS POLES-18 yr. & over (no leading in this class)
28 TRAINING BARRELS-may run 2 times only per horse-$5.00 per run-no ribbons
29 YOUTH BARRELS-17 yrs. & under (no leading in this class)
30 ADULT BARRELS-18 yrs. & older (no leading in this class)
  ENTRY FEES-$5.00 per class Plus Arena Fee of $5.00 per horse

Negative Coggins required  --  NO Stallions

A.P.H.A. approved point show for PAC Credits

Contact Sally at 636-528-6059 or justwhoasally@gmail.com for Pre-Registration

These shows are not sanctioned or affiliated with any breed association, only PAC Credits are available.

Stall Fees-Friday &/or Saturday=$25.00(includes 2 shavings),
Addl. Shavings=$8.00 per bag


Classes may be added up to one class before class in arena---ALL ENTRIES Close after class #24

Contact Sally at 636-528-6059 or justwhoasally@gmail.com for Pre-Registration

NO Refunds once the show begin, or if classes are incorrectly chosen--NO REFUNDS without a vet excuse